Advice-A-Thon Previous Year Highlights

Advice-A-Thon 2016 Highlights

The second annual ECLC Advice-A-thon happened in Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton on a sunny Saturday in September.  This was a multi-purpose affair which included fundraising, community awareness, and legal advice.  Advice-A-Thon is modeled after events held in British Columbia for the past several years, organized by Access Pro Bono.

Advice-A-thon took an ECLC clinic night to an outdoor setting, with volunteer lawyers providing free legal advice in civil, immigration, family, and criminal law in “tents” situated along the edge of Churchill Square. Last year, 40 volunteer lawyers signed up for a one-hour shift to provide legal advice and collect “pledges” for their participation.  Corporate sponsorship was solicited from Edmonton law firms and businesses, Advice-A-thon raised a total $20,000 for the ECLC. 17 volunteer hosts provided information about the ECLC to passersby and free hot dogs and ice cream were available.  Close to 300 people attended Advice-A-thon, 118 people received free legal advice, the ECLC Executive Director appeared on Global TV news promoting the event and ECLC services.

2016 Advice-A-Thon corporate sponsors included Gold Sponsor, the Edmonton Bar Association.

Volunteer lawyers who were our top fundraisers received prizes donated by local businesses, including Edmonton Oilers tickets, portable workout machines, fine scotch, and tickets to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.