Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Awards are presented annually to our Edmonton Community Legal Centre volunteers and supporters who have contributed significantly to our organization and to client services.

 2016 Recipients

 Sherry Rand began volunteering with the ECLC in early 2016, doing family law client “intakes”, utilizing her knowledge gained from previous work experience as a Family Law Court Clerk and a Family Court Counsellor.  Sherry generally volunteers during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, assessing clients both over the phone and in-person, establishing their eligibility for family law clinic advice, entering notes into the client database, and booking clients for their evening appointments.  In 2016, Sherry contributed over 400 hours of service to the ECLC.  We look forward to Sherry’s continued dedication to the ECLC in the months and years ahead.

Jim Young was an ECLC clinic volunteer lawyer for a short time—from October 2015 to October 2016—but during that time volunteered at clinic 39 times—a total of 117 hours over a one year period.  Not only was Jim a dedicated and reliable clinic lawyer, he was also a passionate advocate for his low income clinic clients.  In 2016, Jim took on twenty of his clinic clients as pro bono clients, providing additional advice and representation, often involving negotiating with opposing parties to successfully resolve files in practice areas including employment, civil claims, and landlord-tenant.  Sadly for the ECLC, Jim had to leave us toward the end of 2016 when he became a hearing officer at the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

Peter Faid has a long history with the ECLC—in 2001 and 2002, he assisted the fledgling Edmonton Centre for Equal Justice with strategic planning and program evaluation.  Peter returned to serve four two-year terms as an ECLC board member, beginning in May 2009.  In addition to his reliable attendance at board meetings, Peter has served on a number of board committees including the Strategic Planning, Advocacy, Family Law Project, and Premises Committees.  The Board and the ECLC has benefited not only from Peter’s active support of the ECLC, but also from his knowledge of the community, and the not-for-profit sector in particular.  Thank you, Peter, for your guidance and dedication over the past fifteen years.

Lanny Der has been one of six “community” members on the ECLC board, ensuring that the board has a broad perspective encompassing legal and community stakeholders.  Lanny is the Director of Aboriginal Partnerships with the Government of Alberta, and has been an ECLC board member for the past eight years, since May 2008.  During that time Lanny has been a member of the Advocacy Committee, and has been a strong supporter of the ECLC in the community at events such as the PBLA Annual Celebration and at ECLC special events including our biannual casino.  We appreciate the contribution that Lanny has made to the ECLC over the past eight years.

Clinic Coordinators and Volunteers is a special category of ECLC volunteers.  These are the people who ensure that clinic runs smoothly every night, by greeting clients, ensuring that their paperwork is complete, managing the flow of clients for their appointments with the volunteer lawyers, entering data into the ECLC client database, and handling all the little wrinkles that come their way during the evening.  These volunteers generally operate in “teams”, with the same group volunteering weekly on each clinic night.  The 2016 Clinic Coordinators and Volunteers are:

  • Jenna Baron
  • Michelle Castrillon
  • Maddison Croden
  • Thomas Feth
  • TJ Garcha
  • Tara Hansen
  • Isabel Lam
  • Ryan Magh
  • Aislinn McVittie
  • Ayaz Mehdi
  • Dylan Morrison
  • Melissa Schmidt
  • Ruth Thangiah
  • Katarina Wasielewski

Five Years of Service

Michelle Andresen, Christine Ashcroft, Elizabeth Berg, Laura Bruyer, Darcie Charlton, Cynthia Dickins, Laura Dunham, Kanchana Fernando, Michael Good, Maya Gordon, Lori Johnson, Cherisse Killick-Dzenick, Michael Kraus, Scott Matheson, Kim McCarthy, Debra Meakins, Sara Peacock, Michelle Pidhirney, Michael Sestito, Farrel Shadlyn, Paul Shenher, Michael Solowan, Dale Tumbach

 Ten Years of Service

Don Padget

Fifteen Years of Service

Brian Summers