Legal Clinics


Edmonton Community Legal Centre offers free and confidential legal advice to low income people who do not qualify for Legal Aid.  Appointments are available weekdays during the day or in the evening, typically by telephone, about the following legal issues:

  • Civil Law
  • Debt
  • Employment and Wrongful Dismissal
  • Family Law
  • Adult Guardianship/Trusteeship
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration Law, including Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Income Support Advocacy
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Small Claims
  • Social Benefits
  • Wills

*Please Note: We do not deal with criminal law issues at our legal clinics.

At the clinic, your lawyer will:

  • Explain your legal issue
  • Outline steps that you can take
  • Help you fill out documents
  • Refer you to other organizations


Preparing For Clinic Appointments:

Legal advice appointments are 30-45 minutes long. Clients should be prepared in advance of the appointment to fully utilize the time as effectively as possible. Here are some things to do before your appointment:

  • Organize and send to our office any important papers including court document or letters
  • For telephone appointments, plan to take the call in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • For in-person appointments, make child care arrangements and if possible do not bring children to the appointment

Please Note:

  • We cannot guarantee that ECLC will provide additional legal services following your clinic appointment
  • Filing fees, disbursements and other costs are not covered by ECLC

Please contact our office to to learn more or to book an appointment.**Please Note: Clients will need to bring their own interpreter if required.