Fundraise for the Tip the Scales Initiative

You can set up a fundraising page in 3 easy steps!


Decide if you want to set your fundraising page as an individual or a group.


We are encouraging all of you within your message to offer your potential donors a “menu” of thank you items as an incentive for their donation, personally provided by you.

You are not required to create a “menu”, but we are hoping that this idea will encourage more donations to the ECLC, while allowing you to connect with your donors in a fun and personalized way. Your menu could feature whatever talents and time you may have—dog walking, painting a room, a video golf tutorial, shoveling snow, picking up a grocery order—the possibilities are limitless!

  • The first twenty $50 donors receive a personalized thank you video
  • The first five $100 donors receive a pan of home-made lasagne.
  • The first ten $200 donors receive a personalized limerick (haiku, etc).
  • The first five $500 donors receive a one-minute video interpretive dance to a song of the donor’s choice


Then go to the CanadaHelps page here  to set up your fundraising page.


Use your fundraising link and send it to your friends and family!