Volunteer Opportunities for Law Students

NOTE for Volunteer Applicants: Because of the changes due to COVID19, majority of our in-person programs are on hold. Many volunteer roles are currently suspended and our office doesn’t have capacity to on-board new volunteers at this time. You are welcome to read through the different role descriptions and send an application, and the office will contact you in the future if there is an available volunteer role.

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Thank you for being interested in volunteering with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre during law school!

At this time, we do not have any volunteer opportunities for law students. While waiting for possible openings to volunteer at the ECLC, please consider the following:

  1. Faculty of Law’s Low Income Clinic (which partners with ECLC): For students who get admitted to this course, they get an opportunity to work with staff lawyers and provide research and administrative support on various files for an entire academic year. Students either get assigned to work at ECLC or Legal Aid, and it is an enriching experience to see how the law affects marginalized groups. For more information, visit 2021-22 Course Descriptions – 589 Low Income (google.com)
  2. Student Legal Services (which partners with ECLC): SLS collaborates with ECLC on one of their programs, that provide law students the opportunity to work directly with ECLC Family Law volunteer lawyers and provide administrative support. It is a great mentoring opportunity that exposes students to family law cases. The volunteers are organized by the SLS Family Coordinator.  Recruitment typically takes place in the beginning of the fall and winter semesters. For more information, visit https://www.slsedmonton.com/family/

Sign up to volunteer once you are a lawyer!

Upon completing your law program and when you have become an member of the Law Society of Alberta, please consider volunteering to give legal information and advice through our programs. Legal advice is the most needed contribution we need in order to serve low-income clients who cannot afford legal services. It is definitely encouraged by the legal community to have some level of pro bono involvement while building your career as a lawyer. Also, the programs at the Edmonton Community Legal Centre provides a wealth of experience and skills due to the nature of the matters and clients that you will assist. It is a rewarding way to give back! For more information about getting involved once you are a lawyer, visit https://www.eclc.ca/volunteer-opportunities-for-lawyers/